Nomen & Danny Kovačević Design Japanizam 2016.


Fashion show by Nomen & Danny Kovačević Design held on 30.6.2016. at Japanizam convention in Belgrade, Serbia.

Clothes: Danny Kovačević Design
Jewelry: Nomen

Makeup: Aleksandra Knežević
Camera: Bojan Dančuo Montage: Lady on the Grey
Ljiljana Isailović, Mila Stojkovski, Anamihona Sergijević, Ana Stojković, Marija Tasić.

Song: ASP - Werben
Disclaimer: Song belongs to ASP

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@FuriosAna- Thaks! I agree, Danny is amazing designer! And, Mirror crown & mirror necklace set is available, contact us via our facebook page/Instagram or e mail nomen.jewelry@gmail.com. Photos are coming soon. @Jazzy- Thanks, and it was nice seeing you two there
2 years ago
Looks sooo cool! Danni's models are jawdropping and I want that mirror crown so bad!
2 years ago