Nomen&Danny Kovacevic Design at Ben Akiba/ XV Belgrade Art Show


Lovely atmosphere during our fashion show held in as part of XV Belgrade Art Show event
Special thanks to Pavle Kneževi? who was our host, our team (our lovely models, make up artists and photographers, our families and friends who supported us), and all of people who came in such a great number that club was completely full!

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Thank you guys! Yes there was somewhere around 400 people in club whit capacity for 200 max XD I'm glad you survived in one piece. Backstage was a beehive too! @Kroog- Thanks, this was our fifth collaboration and third fashion show this year! @Queien - Personally I prefer to have models who have classical beauty, and real persons not unrealistic ideals who are distorted and changed in photoshop. @Immortalbae- Yes, so many people- we barely had space for models to come to stage! The amount of visitors was unexpected but we all were glad in the end. @Evixrodd- Yes, he was one f our photographers ;) @ShizWiz- Thanks ;) Expect photos soon, I'll post them & blog as soon as I recover from fever.
2 years ago
It was great! I loved all the models!
2 years ago