Crni dijamant/ Black diamond -book promo 2017.


So, here it is: First of our important announcements in 2017.:

Nomen is part of the creative team which is working on making characters from "Black diamond" alive, and promoting the first book from epic/science fiction trilogy by Ksenija Pesic( Kali Noir Diamond)!
Join official page of trilogy now, and make sure to follow us for fresh news!
Edition in English will be available soon.

English subtitles are in video now.
Brace yourselves, costumes are coming!

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This promises a lot, I do hope translation is on the way!
2 years ago
It's sold out in first wave , but the bookstores will be refiled with first edition soon! Also, we are preparing multimedia promotion 26.2. in Belgrade, here's link to event: https://www.facebook.com/events/367832526916922/
2 years ago